CEO Corner Saving Children from a Raging River

A tribal chief once asked, “Why are our children falling into this raging river?” He went upstream to discover the guard rails had been removed.

Over so many years, we have witnessed the loss of so many lives at the hands of corrupt policemen. Now, Tyre Nichols has been added to this list. Like the tribal chief, I am asking an ongoing, relentless question: why are so many lives, particularly black and brown lives, being lost at the hands of rogue policemen? So many lost dreams, hopes, and talents floating down a river of death. While life was leaving Tyre, we all heard a desperate plea for his mother. He just wanted to go home.

For years, ill-intentioned people have taken down the safety rails that protect our children from falling into life-threatening situations. We, as leaders of Boys & Girls Clubs across America, are commissioned to do everything possible to save our youth and return them safely home. Our staff is trained and committed to protecting our youth from harm. Many BGCD alumni say “the Club saved my life”.

But we cannot do it alone. We need the combined efforts of the community, schools, political leaders, law enforcement, and others to join together to realize Martin Luther King Jr’s dream…”free at last”. Free from laws that protect those harming our communities.

Charles English, President & CEO
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas

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