Coach Cal from Oak Cliff Boys & Girls Club

Elijah Calloway III, also known as Coach Cal at BGCD, is a Youth Development Professional at Oak Cliff Boys & Girls Club and has worked on and off with Boys & Girls Clubs since the 1980s. He also worked for Dallas ISD before retiring in 2021. and. We asked him a few questions about his experience at BGCD and here’s what he had to tell us! What is your favorite part about working at Oak Cliff Boys & Girls Club? Watching the kids interact! I have seen kids through this Club that wouldn’t even speak to each other and maybe even had altercations. But the bond developed, and some of them are best friends, even after graduating. The Club is my joy. Watching how it can create a togetherness. It’s also a haven for some of them, and that’s the beauty of it. This Club has a cloud of goodness over it. It has saved many lives. Stuff like that draws me back. I’ve been trying to retire! What is your favorite program here at the Club? The Brain Game! One of my favorite parts when we do things like forensics, makes learning fun. You have to be creative. I love watching the kids think. We call it cooperative thinking and learning. Brain games bring about a sense of cohesiveness and closeness while teaching them how to function as a unit. What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of BGCD? I love to fish. I love to watch cartoons. I love my alone time, walks to get ice cream, and going to the movies. Really simple stuff. I also love going to the movies! What are some of the most memorable parts? A young lady once shared with me that coming here after school kept her from taking her life. She has since graduated from Texas Southern University with a degree in psychology and sociology. I’ve also seen this place change some the lives of my former athletes I coached while working at Dallas ISD. The young men would come to Passport to Manhood and different mentorship programs and leave the Club as best friends.  

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