Meet Angelica!

Meet SanJuana Angelica Hernandez, better known as AngelicaShe is the Club Services Specialist and has been with BGCD for almost 5 years. We sat down and asked her a few questions. 


Can you share a bit about your background and family heritage?  

My parents and I were born in Mexico. We migrated to the U.S. when I was 2 years old.  


Are there any Hispanic role models or figures who have inspired you in your personal or professional life?  

My father has always been my role model in my personal life. He has shown me how to be humble and caring for others.  He always inspires me to succeed in life, both on a personal and professional level.  


Are there any specific cultural traditions or customs from your heritage that you continue to celebrate or practice today?  

Yes, we practice an offering called reliquia, we feed the community and pray the rosary in honor of a Saint that we have placed our faith in to overcome hardships. We also celebrate quinceañeras. It is a celebration of young women when they turn 15 years old. We just celebrated two in our family.  


How have your cultural roots influenced your career path or educational pursuits?  

My roots of always helping others and being sensitive to their needs has led me to my passion of working in the nonprofit sector and the field of helping others meet their fullest potential. 


 Can you share a favorite Hispanic dish or recipe that holds special significance for you or your family?  

Yes, our family traditionally eats menudo every Sunday. We usually eat it after we attend church and it’s a time of gathering and bonding. 


What advice would you give to current Boys & Girls Club members about embracing and celebrating their own cultural heritage?  

My advice to any current member is to embrace your heritage and be proud of it. Being proud of something is everything that will mold you in to who you will become as an individual in the future and help you find your passion. 


What do you think is the importance of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month?  

Like other holidays, I think that it is important to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month as the U.S. celebrates other heritages. Hispanics are a large part of the population in the U.S. 


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