Meet former Club kid, Jesus!

Meet former Club kid, Jesus Segovia! He has been involved with Boys & Girls Clubs since 2015. During his time, he was involved in programs like Collegiate STEPS and apart of a business program, too! While a Club kid, Jesus  won Youth of the Year in 2020. Here is what we learned about him! 

Can you tell us a about your family heritage? 

Both of my parents are Mexican immigrants, so I am Mexican American. They were both born and raised there, and they came to the United States when they were very young. My dad was about 19 and mom maybe 15 

Are there any Hispanic role models or figures who have inspired you in your personal or professional life? 

I would not say just one specific role model, but Latinos in general. Seeing people around my school, my family, and so many immigrants being able to build themselves from almost nothing is admirable. Seeing how they have started businesses and made education a priority is amazing. 

How have your cultural roots influenced your career path or educational pursuits? 

I would say work ethic. I always show up to my commitments, no matter what. I have the values from my family and what they have taught me. I want to help and serve others; it is not always about me. I always ask,  How can I serve others as well? 

Can you share a favorite Hispanic dish or recipe that holds special significance for you or your family? 

All food! A special one would be tamales. I was born on December 24, so we celebrate my birthday and Nativity together. Everyone comes over to celebrate and it is such a special day. We have hot chocolate since it is cold during wintertime. It is a beautiful and special moment!  

What advice would you give to current Boys & Girls Clubs members about embracing and celebrating their own cultural heritage? 

There’s a popular saying in my culture. It refers to how a lot of Latinos like me (first generation/Mexican Americans) are told they are neither from the USA nor their Mexico/Hispanic descent. It also makes some feel like wemust choose between the two. Are you American or Mexican? No, you do not have to choose, I am both and I am going to embrace both. Be your authentic self! 

What do you think is the importance of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month? 

I think it’s important to show that we are here and to appreciate our culture. It shows representation and unity between Latinos. Although we might come from different places, this brings us together.  

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