Meet Yvonne Hennesy

Here at BGCD we have an amazing community of staff that make our day-to-day operations go smoothly. The success of our organization is greatly due to different staff members that have stayed with us for years. Today, we wanted to take the time out to spotlight Yvonne Hennesy. Yvonne has been with the movement for 34 years and currently serves as a Club Program Specialist at Oak Cliff Boys & Girls Club. We asked Ms. Hennesy about her time here at BGCD and here is what she shared with us:

What is your favorite part about being at the Oak Cliff Club?

I like to see what opportunities are open for the kids. For the kids that I get to see get involved, I like to see them take what they learned in my learning center and what they do with those opportunities…the impact!

Were you a Club kid growing up?

I was not a Club kid but my brother was. I used to go pick him up from the Club and he didn’t want to leave! He was a young teen going to a home away from home. I saw what it did for him.

What is your favorite program at BGCD?
Smart Girls! First of all, I’m a girl and I’m a girly girl. I love to dress up and show my jewelry. As an older woman, I get a lot of young girls that come in and I’m able to show them how to present themselves. I love exposing young women to different things. I want to give them more information to become better versions of themselves – different ways to create impact.

What are some of the most memorable moments during your time here at BGCD?

There was a young man standing at my doorway and he seemed to be a bit older. He spoke and said, “Ms. Hennesy, you’re still here! You taught me how to read!” He was a former Club kid that was one of my students. Another of my former members now works at Grand Prairie Boys & Girls Clubs. When she was here at Oak Cliff, she would pick up small, thin books. I’d tell her that she needed to start reading chapter books. Till this day she reminds me of the impact that had on her.

What are some of the most rewarding aspects of working at BGCD?

The stories I just mentioned is what it is for me. I think about these stories, and I say to myself – you know, I’m making an impact. That’s what I like about making it a positive place for kids. That’s why I’m here – to create a positive experience for the kids. I want to make sure I’m positive all the time.

Outside of BGCD what interests and hobbies do you have?

I am a shopper! I love to shop. One of my majors when I started school was fashion design and I love to go thrifting. I create. I take something and make it something different. I love to shop, design, and learn something new. I believe at this age I can still learn.


If you could go back in time and talk to anyone, who would it be?

I would talk to my mother. I lost my mother three years ago. My mother passed at 92 but I still go back and remember the things she used to say to me. I say, “she was right”. All the things she’s said and instilled in me are still true till this day.

We want to thank Ms. Yvonne Hennesy for sharing her time with us and for her 34 years of commitment to the movement. Today is her birthday so make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday if you see her at Oak Cliff Boys & Girls Club!

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