Steve Harvey Shares His Vision with BGCD Teens: “I’m Going to Introduce Kids to Their Dreams”

Earlier this month, three BGCD male teens attended the Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp (SHMP) A 13-year-old program born through the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, the camp welcomes young men from around the United States to teach and mentor them on the different principles of manhood. The program aims to help young men “realize their potential and envision and prepare for a robust and productive future.” SHMP aims to break the “misguided traits of manhood” and introduces role models who provide positive examples for their mentees.

This year, East Dallas Boys & Girls Club Director Frank Hallum and BGCD Director of Engagement Edward Blackwell accompanied three teen male Club members to Atlanta to experience the camp for themselves! 

“The Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp was an amazing experience. All three young men who embarked on this 5-day adventure matured immensely. The young men all had different personalities. We had the shy reserve student, the athlete, and the outgoing overachiever,” said Blackwell.

He continued to share that “the young men gave up their electronics for 5 days so they could enjoy Steve Harvey’s 1600-acre ranch. They were able to make new friends, fish, zipline, and play sports. The camp had a unique collection of guest speakers that had backgrounds in real-estate, entrepreneurship, acting, professional sports, music, and much more. The speakers shared their knowledge and offered to be mentors.”

The young men had such an amazing time that they will be able to return next year as Junior counselors!

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