Meet Trevar Little!

Meet Trevar, one of our BGCD alums who is currently at the School of Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University (LSU). When he graduated, we shared with you all his plans post-grad and how BGCD has made an impact on him. We are now following up to see where he is now! We had a Q&A with him and here are his thoughts! Can you give a brief history of yourself? My name is Trevar Little. I grew up in Dallas and am a Boys & Girls Club Alumni. I attended the Mesquite Club when I was very young and Dallas Clubs during high school. I attended Texas Tech University majoring in Animal Science and minoring in chemistry. I’ve maintained my relationships with those I met at Boys & Girls Clubs. What kind of courses did you take at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, and how did you find them? We take all kinds of classes – it would take me a while to name them all. We take lectures for the first year, the second year, and the first half of the third year. We take physiology and anatomy mainly – we also take pharmacology. In the third year, we take applied classes. We apply what we learned during the first two years in real-life cases. What kinds of activities do you participate in? Not so much research. I was a part of the Student Association of Black Veterinarians until I started clinically. We did a lot of outreach during that time. A lot of residents around LSU don’t know much about what it means about being a veterinarian or pursue a career – especially in minority demographics. We go to different high schools, middle schools, elementary schools even some of the undergraduate schools at LSU who want to be vets. We expose them to what we had to do. We try to raise awareness of the importance of the career. What have you learned from your experience as a Club kid that you think is helping you in your current academic and personal life? I learned about outreach for sure. I met so many people and companies and the Club exposed me to so much. Participating in different programs like Keystone, Collegiate STEPS, and YPF – helped me build interpersonal skills. I have a lot of clients that have a lot going on with their pets and we have to be able to communicate with them and other parts of the hospital as well. Doing these programs helped us build skills I use today. How did the BGCD help you shape your childhood and how you approach higher education? I have been working and volunteering at Boys & Girls Clubs even after graduating. It is something I definitely am interested in and I hope to be a role model. Can you share any memories or experiences from your time at BGCD that still stick with you today? It was a stress-free place for me. It made it easier to cope with things. The mentors and support helped me get through a lot of things from elementary all through college. All of it made going through the things I did easier. I could not imagine going through what I did without the support I had. YOY, TOPPs, and the Keystone Conference have to be my favorite events. They were more memorable because they were at the end of high school. They helped me come into myself before going to college. How do you think your education will impact your involvement in animal advocacy or other related causes and hope to achieve after completing your studies at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine? I feel like I will become more involved in animal advocacy and other related causes. There are many misconceptions about animals and it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not. Being a veterinary student allows me to shift through information and learn more about the aspects of animals. It’s hard for us to know who to with our knowledge about food supply. Verts work a lot with ensuring biosecurity with our food. Recently they’ve asked me, “Hey! Do you know what’s going on with the price of eggs?” So recently, there was been an outbreak in the abeam flue. That can wipe out many poultry farms and once supply goes down like that, the price goes up. So it helps me understand economics and that side of it all. Thank you so much to Trevar Little for taking the time to catch us up on where he is at now!  

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