Good Luck – Delilah!

This is Delilah C., our 2023 BGCD Youth of the Year! The YOY program honors our nation’s most awe-inspiring young people on their path to Great Futures. Delilah is from Mesquite Boys & Girls Club and has been a member for seven years! She has been a part of programs like Torch Club, Keystone, Collegiate STEPS, and Smart Girls. Delilah is headed to Austin, TX for the Texas State Youth of the Year competition and we want to wish her good luck!

Delilah shared her thoughts about the impact Boys & Girls Clubs has had on her and how she feels about going to state!

Q: How has the BGCD family changed you over the years?

I am more of a shy and reserved person so being a part of the Club has helped me come out of my shell moreespecially because of mentors like Mr. Blackwell. I also met a diverse group of people that became friends. I saw that BGCD was a family and am happy to be a part of this family!

Q: What is the best quality you’ve gained here and how will you be applying it to your future?

I think one of the best things I’ve gained here is learning how to communicate and learning the importance of creating and building friendships. Smart Girls specifically is where I learned the importance of friendship and relationships. Coach Vicky was someone who taught me how to be confident and stand up for what I want.

Q: What are your plans for the future and how do you plan to give back?

I plan to go to veterinarian school to become a vet in the future. I currently work with Mr. Dwaylon to help expose more kids to different programs at a younger age. That is something I want to continue to do after I’m done with school. I want to come back and show them what it takes to become a vet and share what it took to get to that point. Until then I plan to continue to expose young kids to STEM because I think that is very important.

Q: How are you feeling about going to State in Austin?

Of course, a bit nervous, but I’m pretty confident about attending State! I have been working on my speeches and essays so I’ll be prepared. I also love to travel so that’s exciting! I’ve never been to Austin either. I’m excited to meet other YOY and build more meaningful relationships!

We wish you the best of luck, Delilah!


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